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Red Carpet: Judy Greer

AUGUST 4, 2014

Source: Tomandlorenzo.com

Judy Greer is someone who never seems to age.  It helps that she keeps her style current and age-appropriate.  Take this dress - the print embraces the marble trend and the cut is chic and feminine. She may have discovered the fashion fountain of youth.


Red Carpet: Sarah Hyland

JUNE 9, 2014

Source: Gofugyourself.com, Glamour.com

As a petite girl, a t-shirt/potato-sack dress should be difficult to pull off.  However, Sarah Hyland proves this wrong in this metallic green-purple number.  Keeping her other accessories to a minimum, she keeps the look from overwhelming her frame.  

For those of us who can't afford/have no reason to shell out a ton of money for metallic Gucci, inject a little green and purple glamour with your jewelry (with no fear of looking too short, petite ladies!).


Red Carpet: Cate Blanchett

MAY 23, 2014

Source: Gofugyourself.com. Tomandlorenzo.com

It doesn't take much to make Cate look stunning (she mostly does that all on her own), but this dress is amazing on her. It is futuristic and fabulous - she looks like she could live in the Hunger Games Capitol (in a chic way, not a 'force children to fight' way). And don't even get us started on that necklace, because we are tempted to start wrapping clippings from our gardens around our necks.


Red Carpet: Angelina Jolie

MAY 13, 2014

Source: Gofugyourself.com

Angelina looks statuesque, and a little witchy at the Maleficent red carpet.  The bead-work on this dress is impressive - it drapes well without looking heavy. The sheer sleeves would normally seem a bit dated, but they really work for her (and for this event).

She must be loving this press circuit.  She already loves wearing all black, only now it's on-theme.


Red Carpet: Emma Stone

APRIL 21, 2014

Sourec: gofugyourself.com

Canary yellow can be a tough color to pull off, but Emma shows that when it works, it really works. The contrast with her hair color is lovely, and this shade is perfect for her skin tone. For us mere mortals who are less adept at wearing yellow, a pop of yellow jewelry is a perfect way to incorporate the color.

Red Carpet: Elizabeth Henstridge

MARCH 18, 2014

Source: Gofugyourself.com

Even if we don't know what a 'Henstridge' is, we think this dress is pretty great. Similar to how pugs are ugly-cute, this embellished dress is bizarro-chic. The feathers and fringe are over the top, but the overall effect is appealing and eye-catching.

She (or rather, her stylist) was right to skip on a necklace since the dress has that large...breastplate, but we think a bracelet or set of bangles are in order. Nothing too Ancient Egypt, but just some sparkle to balance out the dress.


Red Carpet: Kristen Bell

MARCH 13, 2014

Source: Gofugyourself.com

We are clearly on a color kick, everything is coming up dusty pink lately! The texture of this fabric is divine (it has mini swiss dots), and the pink is perfect for her skin tone.  The slit seems a little dangerous, if only because it looks like the fabric is just a flap that starts from the bodice.  Regardless, the effect is lengthening and flattering. 

Get the look of her gold double drop earrings yourself with the Golden Reef earrings!


Red Carpet: Evan Rachel Wood

MARCH 6, 2014

Source: Gofugyourself.com

This dress reminds us of the 'kelp couture' dress Heather Graham wore a while back. We liked green bedazzled dresses then, and we like them even better now.  This deeper green really suits Evan Rachel Wood's coloring.   We are also digging the retro feel - both the dress and the curled bob feel inspired by the screen sirens of the twenties.

She just probes that emerald is always a good idea.


Oscars Best Dressed: Kate Hudson

MARCH 3, 2014

Source: Gofugyourself.com.

Our choice for best dressed came down to Kate and Lupita.  And though Lupita looked absolutely stunning in pale blue, the detail in Kate's dress won us over in the end. The draping and ruching are beautifully done; she looks like a vintage screen siren!

Who was your favorite on the red carpet?


Red Carpet: Crystal Reed

FEBRUARY 26, 2014

Source: Gofugyourself.com

Crystal Reed looks stunning at the Costume Designers Guild Awards in a black and white floral gown. Embroidered pieces can sometimes look stiff or heavy, but the slightly trumpted hem of this gown gives a sense of movement and lightness. The pop of purple polish (say that five times fast) is a great touch of color.  Overall, this look is perfectly assembled, right down to the manicure.