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Show-Stopping Dazzle

NOVEMBER 7, 2011

As special occasions are drawing closer by the minute, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you will be wearing to such functions. Whether you are seeing old friends for the first time in years or mingling with new co-workers at a company party, now is your chance to wow them with some sparkle and shine!

This is precisely why we just love sparkle bracelets for the holidays. (Actually, I wear them all year long!) Few things will make you feel as glamorous and elegant than a gorgeous bauble dangling at your wrist. A former co-worker of mine, Kelsey J., needed something colorful to go with an exquisitely draped gray gown for a charity auction she was to host. She instantly fell in love with our openwork circles wide bracelet in turquoise. Not only did it look gorgeous against the color of her dress, it provided a breath-taking sparkle! She certainly made her mark at this important event.

Turn heads yourself this season and shop our fabulous selection of sparkle bracelets at INPINK!

Connie Kullberg


The Hand Made Collection

OCTOBER 10, 2011

When I developed this collection, I kept asking myself, “what makes it so unique?” Definitely the use of natural stones, the delicate detailing, and the craftsmanship in these beautiful pieces all make this assortment stand out. No two pieces are the same. No two natural stones or pearls are the same. The exquisite use of semi precious stones and seed pearls creates lovely works of art.

I just love layering these delicate necklaces. The focal point falls right at your collarbone and layering other longer pieces serves as a frame. Earrings can be matched or mixed. Also, I just adore mixing different natural stones as they visually complement each other.

I gave a pair of the coral earrings to my 80-year-old mother who has received loads of compliments from her bridge group. Then I gave one of the turquoise necklaces to my 26-year-old corporate attorney niece and now all her friends want one too.  (I certainly didn’t tell either of them that they each received a special piece from the same collection!) It just goes to show that semi-precious natural stones are ageless and timeless.

Connie Kulberg



Fall Suede

OCTOBER 3, 2011

What is it that makes leather and suede accessories so special? The way they evoke a sense of luxury with just a hint of rustic charm is a truly unique quality.

One of our fabulous clients, Gloria S., fell in love with our Amber Teardrop Leather and Chain Necklace with Leaf Earring set. Always a seasonal trend-setter, Gloria loves the bronze and amber tones in this piece. Worn alone or complimented with layered chains, this piece transitions from casual to business with ease. To dress the look up even more, Gloria will pair it with her Bronze Tone Chain Cluster Stretch ring she picked up over the summer.

True fashionistas see suede accents for as fabulous as they are. Not only does suede add texture to an outfit, which is really what the fall craves, it also adds the type of richness you feel when trying on a new pair of suede boots or a fabulous leather jacket. One great thing about the fall is that it forces us to cover up--and why not cover up with the finer things?

Please shop Suede & Leather in our Trends category and let us know if you need any help selecting your new favorite pieces for fall.

Derik Landry


Texture And Color

SEPTEMBER 26, 2011

While the summers are usually spent in a bright splendor of color, the fall is always a little more subdued. However, it doesn’t mean this season is without its own tricks. Where the wow factor comes in is usually with texture and movement. Fall basics can often fall flat if not for the right accessories such as lovely natural stone pieces.

A layered natural stone necklace in a rich, seasonal color is the simplest way to turn up the sophistication on that plain office turtleneck and slacks. For those evenings out, a natural stone cuff is just a lovely alternative to the traditional cocktail ring and offers you a touch of edge and boldness.

Derik Landry




Stacked Bracelets For Fall

SEPTEMBER 19, 2011

Mix, match, combine. Pile them on or wear a simple combination of two. Stacked bracelets are the most versatile accessories in your wardrobe and are always in style. I love to combine big chunky bangles with a chain or wrap bracelet and a watch.  It really creates lots of visual interest and fashion focus.

Add more bangles for drama (some of our bangle sets come with 27 individual bracelets!) or take some off to tone down your look. Super easy and so fun, bangles are perhaps the easiest jewelry pieces a sophisticated woman can own. You just can’t make a mistake mixing and matching colors, sizes, and textures.

The bangles you buy now will be ones you can wear for years to come. I’ve had some that I purchased ten years ago and then combined with one of our new sets and it’s a totally new and current look! Bangles are perfect for day or night, casual or dressy, and just about any event!

Connie Kulberg




Cocktail Rings: Your Gift To You


Anyone who loves jewelry has a ring wardrobe. Rings we have inherited, rings we have been given (by our mothers or, better yet, by men….)

But, generally the ones we love the most are ones we have bought for ourselves. Why? They are exactly what we wanted and often represent a feat or accomplishment in our lives.

Years ago I was on a buying trip in Thailand and it was my birthday. It was a day of mixed emotions. I was thousands of miles away from home for my birthday. Yet on the other hand, how fortunate was I to be in Chiang Mai Thailand for my special day? I celebrated and bought myself a ring that I am wearing as I write this.

Mark the milestones of your life. Celebrate. Treat yourself to a gift only you can give.

Connie Kulberg


Julie Benz's Engagement Ring

JUNE 29, 2011

source: kwiat.com

Julie Benz of Dexter fame (although she will forever live in my heart as "Darla" from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and "Foxy" from Jawbreaker) is getting married! Her gorgeously swarthy boyfriend Rich Orosco reportedly proposed to the actress in the midst of a swirling Mexican fiesta with this breath-taking Kwiat engagment ring, according to People Style Watch.

It is so absolutely true that you can tell a lot about a woman by the engagement ring she wears. That is, if her hubs-to-be was successful in picking the perfect one for her. This cushion cut dazzler is a classic beauty with a soft romance to it. We say it’s perfect for the seasoned actress with the good looks she has never had to fall back on.

While the Kwiat ring may require a superstar budget, you easily can get this look with your real-life wallet. Our cushion cut cubic zirconia ring is surrounded in pave CZs that extend to the band for an absolutely glittering effect. Wear this lovely accent piece with any outfit for an instant touch of glamour and romance.

Briana Hernandez


Bridal Gifts For Your Best Girls

JUNE 20, 2011

When ticking off all the “to dos” on your wedding list, don’t forget the gifts for your maid of honor and bridesmaids. These women, aside from being true friends, are putting time and money into making your wedding a wonderful event.  Take the time to give them a gift they will cherish for a lifetime. (After all, it’s not like they will wear those bridesmaid dresses again. Let’s be honest.)

A gift of sterling silver, with or without beautiful pearls or CZ stones, is also perfect to be worn for the wedding. The gifts can be unique to each person or all the same as long as they are thoughtful of the recipient’s style. On the other hand, giving your bridesmaids the same present gives them something in common to share in commemoration of your special day.

I really love seeing women wearing a beautiful pair of sterling and CZ earrings or a sterling and pearl necklace years after they have been in your wedding. Every time they wear that piece of jewelry or when someone compliments them on it, they will think of you and how thoughtful and generous you were on that wonderful day.

An added bonus to help you with that huge “to do” list is that your purchases from InPink can come beautifully gift wrapped and ready for giving!

Connie Kullberg





Summer Metropolitan

JUNE 20, 2011

Your summer wardrobe will absolutely shine with a little help from some bold yet flirty statement pieces. A layered necklace, a dramatic pair of danglers, or a show-stopping cocktail ring!

New from InPink: Feminine with a rough edge, this stretch cocktail ring exquisitely showcases a bold flower in a matte gold finish. The pedals have a unique hammered texture and are accented with large, multifaceted crystals. This is great ring to dress up your casual daytime wear. 2 inch width and length.


Summer Color Combos: Purple and Orange

JUNE 16, 2011

source: celebuzz.com

Dare to be different in this ultra trendy new look for summer--purple and orange color combinations! Color blocking has always been looked to when you need to make a quick and fabulous fashion statement. However, the days of said trend being done in black and white or similarly safe colors seem to be over. This bold pairing is all over summer fashion spreads as well as stylish stars like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. When done correctly, this fun and eye-catching trend is sure to make heads turn.

Orange on top with purple on the bottom seems to be the best option to balance these bold colors against each other. Try a purple silk or chiffon top with an A-line orange skirt for a look straight off the pages of Marie Claire, literally! If structured ensembles aren’t exactly your bag, try for a skirt with some pleats or ruching to make the look a little more feminine.

Still not convinced or worried that the combo is a bit too bold for your tastes? Fear not! You can still have your cake and eat it too. Try a purple and orange print dress with an additional contrasting color making a subtle appearance in the form of a belt or perhaps some cute summer sandals.

The addition of accessories to this ensemble can really make it shine. With the given color palette, gold is the go-to color to combine with, making the outfit opulent yet chic. Try to steer clear from colored pieces. Less is more when sporting this dynamic type of look. Happy accessorizing!

Monica Saich


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